City does a great job driving people away

It could not be more evident to this citizen that city leaders in the great City of Buffalo do all they can to deter people from enjoying what Buffalo has to offer. On a recent Friday night, the Theater District was teeming with events. Shea’s and other venues were drawing in the populace to their performances. The weather on this particular night was cold with a steady rain.

As per usual, parking was at a premium. The “pay” lots were full and there was absolutely nowhere to park on the street. After 15 minutes of driving in circles, many people began to park in a lot owned by a local collision shop. There were no fences or signs to discourage people from parking in this lot. After the evening’s activities were over and people filed out of their respective venues, they naturally returned to their vehicles.

This is where it all goes bad. All of the cars were gone, towed to a lot on the other side of the city. Quite conveniently, the tow truck operator and his associates were waiting across the street. For the sum of $175, they would return your vehicle. When questioned regarding this practice, the tow truck operator became agitated and summoned a Buffalo police officer, who also was conveniently parked near the tow truck operator. A more condescending officer could not be found. The scene was reminiscent of a “Dukes of Hazzard” episode, with Sheriff Rosco Coltrane and Boss Hogg shaking down the citizens to line their own coffers.

I know the police are sworn to protect and serve, but protect and serve a tow truck company? I’m sure that somewhere in the city a violent crime was being perpetrated. Why the police harass innocent people instead of conducting police work is questionable. Those who were extorted of their money were overheard saying they will never come back to the city; I concur.

Ronald Startek