The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


The reason I am running for the North Tonawanda Board of Education honestly is because I was asked to by quite a few people in the North Tonawanda School District. They said I was the type of person that is capable of voicing my own opinions without being pressured by others, and I have a strong conviction of getting things accomplished without delay. I have accepted this challenge of possibly being elected because I believe the District has the ability of achieving higher standards. I am very experienced when it comes to being a parent of a student with special needs. I have 15 years experience with the IEP (Individual Educational Programs) process because my son was in need of additional programs. I have strong convictions that parents are a huge part of their students success in their 13 years of primary and secondary education. I believe the BOCES programs need to be utilized more. I believe the Athletics and the Arts are all important to the students. I am running in hopes to make a difference for the Students,Teachers,Staff,and the North Tonawanda Tax payersand Community.