Mario Williams fired the first public salvos against his ex-fiancee, essentially calling her a gold digger in a lawsuit to recover a 10.04-carat engagement ring worth $785,000.

It was only a matter of time until we heard what a lout she thinks the Buffalo Bills pass rusher is.

Erin Marzouki has filed a response and counterclaim against Williams in Harris County, Texas. She alleges Williams repeatedly broke up with her only to reconcile and told her to keep the ring after their final split.

For the first time since Williams filed his lawsuit, he spoke with reporters but didn’t have much to say about the case.

“It’s just something that happened, and it is what it is,” Williams after Tuesday’s practice at One Bills Drive. “When we’re here, playing ball and inside this facility, with this family, it’s all about us; it’s not about anything else.

“Anything personal is personal. You don’t mix that with what we’re trying to accomplish here.”

Marzouki’s attorney, Anthony Buzbee, declared in an interview with the Houston Chronicle that Williams was foolish to file his lawsuit.

“This is a stupid lawsuit because it has no legal merit, and it’s a stupid lawsuit because it’s not going to be good for his career,” Buzbee said.

Buzbee also told the Chronicle that Williams “is a victim of his emotions and of bad legal advice. What he’s done is kick an anthill, and you know what happens when you kick an anthill.”

The counterclaim asserts Williams is suing to “harass and scare Ms. Marzouki.” The ring is located in a security-deposit box, and she has no intentions to dispose of it.

Marzouki’s counterclaim also says:

• Williams “made statements in a sworn, verified petition that were clearly false, and Mario Williams knew they were false.”

• During their 10-month engagement, Williams broke up with Marzouki at least five times, including two days into a family trip to the Bahamas to celebrate their engagement. Williams “chartered a private plane and left the Bahamas.”

• Williams told Marzouki to keep the ring after their last breakup in December.

• A part of Williams “wanted to continue to live the life of a wealthy bachelor who could do whatever he wanted, with whomever he wanted, whenever he wanted.”

• There are 200 pages of text messages as proof.

• Most of the $108,000 in charges made on an American Express card were not for Marzouki but to furnish Williams’ new home in Orchard Park and renovations on his home in the Houston area.

The Chronicle reported that a court hearing on the matter will be held Friday.

Williams rejected the notion that legal proceedings could be a distraction on the football field.

“When I’m here, this is my haven,” Williams said. “This is family, and this is what the most important thing is for me. Being around these guys, this is my R&R.

“I come here and I work, and we’re trying to get better and climb that mountain. There’s nothing that would ever distract anything that’s going on in this building.”