FORESTVILLE – New Forestville Mayor Linda Aures on Tuesday evening got the support of the Village Board for increasing the new village clerk’s hours and hiring two temporary employees to help with a variety of office tasks.

Aures explained that “in too many instances, village records are incomplete, inaccurate and not easily accessible.”

She said that much of the basic information about policy required to manage the village was “inadequate or out of date.”

The mayor said one of the duties for a new employee would be to put together a manual of policies and see where the village needed to address new issues. She vowed to keep the public informed and said she would provide another “State of the Village” address in August.

Village Clerk James White was granted permission to work a 40-hour week for the next 90 days, and it was agreed that two part-time positions could be created pending job descriptions from the Chautauqua County Department of Personnel.

White had been hired for a 25-hour workweek at $16 per hour.

In other business, after a lengthy discussion about employee liability, it was decided to table two motions dealing with receiving help through the Chautauqua Works Program. The program provides part-time laborers who gain job experience. The program pays wages.

Trustees were concerned about the cost for liability and insurance for the part-time workers and agreed to table the matter until the next meeting.

Trustee Kevin Johnson reported that he is looking into participating in the Consolidated Highway Improvement Project fund project. He said he will meet with representatives from other municipalities to see if Forestville can benefit from the program.

It was announced that the annual Memorial Day Parade will take place at 10 a.m. May 27. The parade will proceed from Main Street to Pearl Street, Center Street and end at the American Legion.