Gun buyback sends the wrong message

As a proud member of Western New York, I was quite concerned when I heard about Mayor Byron Brown’s gun buyback. I made it a priority to protest the event. Not only was I ashamed that anyone in our country would offer criminals an “easy out” to get rid of their illegal guns, but I was disgusted that they were given a reward for doing so. Offering an incentive, while also allowing people to not take responsibility for their actions, is despicable. My heart goes out to any families that have loved ones who may have suffered at the hands of those illegal weapons.

I also urge anyone who disagrees with this program to speak out about it. Our country, each day, is allowing more and more people to become irresponsible in their actions and face no repercussions. We will only succeed if we change that attitude and teach responsibility for our actions and respect for all people. Brown must stop rewarding criminals. He isn’t making the streets safer. He is teaching our youth that if they commit a crime, they can get away with it with “no questions asked.”

Gia Arnold