The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


I have 3 boys attending school in the district. In 2014-2015 I will have a son at each school level. I’ve been on numerous committees within district and currently serve on Transit Middle’s Shared Decision Making Team, and the District Youth Wellness Council. I am also a member of Transit Middle, Maple East’s PTSA, and SEPTSA (Special Education Parent Teacher Student Association). With my education, experience as an educator, and firsthand knowledge of how the reform initiatives are affecting today’s educational environment, I feel I can help Williamsville schools navigate through these changes.

The increased state and federal mandates and reform, along with the decrease in funding, has placed a greater responsibility on us to educate parents, faculty, and the public about the impact these changes will have on our schools. The Race to the Top initiative effects curriculum, assessments, professional evaluation, and the cost of implementing them. School districts and their students are being held to increased standards while federal and state funding is decreasing. One of my objectives is to keep the School Board’s planning deliberate and explicit. This will ensure that all stake holders affected by these initiatives are able to meet and master the CCLS (Common Core Learning Standards) without a loss of current programming at all school levels. The district and our children will continue to be affected by these changes and the current political discourse we see in our nation’s capital. My ultimate goal and mission as a board member, father, educator, and tax payer, is to sustain the level of excellence we expect in all departments serving our children. I will battle to maintain and improve programming at every school level while being fiscally conservative to balance the needs of all stakeholders including taxpayers.