The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


My reason for running for Lancaster School Board is simple. I want to give back to the Lancaster School District for all that the district has done for my daughter, Amelia. She was born severely premature and was having some developmental issues at her preschool. The school district recognized this and was able to get her into an inclusion Pre-K program to help prepare her for kindergarten and beyond. This foresight was crucial to her success at the elementary level and made all the difference, as she is now a 2nd grader who is on grade level.

I am currently a mathematics teacher of 8th grade students at Frontier Middle School in Hamburg. This is my first year at this level although I taught the previous seven years at Frontier High School, teaching various levels of mathematics. I feel that this experience will help me as I pursue the goal of being a member of the Lancaster School Board as I understand what a classroom teacher goes through everyday.

I would like to be a representative for the students of the Lancaster School district. I have always believed that the interests of students are the most important when faced with tough decisions in a school district. If this is accomplished, we can go a long way in making our students into life long learners as well as productive members of society.

I feel there is a proud history of the Lancaster School District and I hope to continue this if given the chance by being a member of the Lancaster School Board.