The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


As President of the Board, I became an advocate between the community and elected representatives at the local, state, and national level. Our singular voice secured additional funding from the state while the local $16.75 million capital project enhances school building improvements at no cost to taxpayers. The vision to have the entire board adopt a district-wide security plan and hire a full time social worker position reinforces safety for our children, teachers, administrators, and support staff.

The district faces many future uncontrollable factors; lowering tax caps; diminishing funding, and increasing unfunded mandates. I will continue to support benchmarking groups which re-distributes or streamlines spending to maintain current level programs and services. The management and efficiency work group created savings to maintain the current level of excellence for academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular programs in the proposed budget and secure grant funding to supplement this current budget. Business First has ranked Williamsville Central School District has been ranked #1 in Western New York during my years of service.

Prospectively, I would like to accomplish three new initiatives over the next three years. First, the board of education should implement a standardized and uniform district-wide allergy plan. Second, foreign language should begin in the elementary schools serving a global workforce economy. Third, I was the visionary on the board linking public school education to higher education or vocational programs. Continued support will be to offer college courses at the K-12 level for transcript credit thereby reducing the cost of a post-secondary education.