The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


I am running for the Starpoint Board Of Education because my grand-daughter, Lily Siradas, a third grader at the Reagan Intermediate school heard that ‘a’ School District was cutting art teachers. She assumed it was the Starpoint District. Lily was very upset since Mr. Root at Fricano Elementary is her favorite teacher. She came to me and told me to give the School District some money. I told her I would do better than that. I would offer them my time, energy, formal education and 32 years of educational experience. I promised Lily I would keep the Starpoint District educationally strong and financially sound.

I will bring to the Starpoint Board my education and experience. I have gained considerable insights into educational policy and procedures. I have a Doctorate in Education and am certified to be a school Principal and a School Superintendent. I was contacted often by the Amherst district administration to research current topics and legal matters. Discussions opened a wide vista of knowledge.

Starpoint School Board is facing a tenacious time. Education is under the pressures of the “The Great Recession” and the resulting drop in the American Standard of Living. As America adapts to a global economy and a new standard of living schools must adjust. The Budget Cap, unfunded mandates, cost of pensions and the cost of health care have taxpayers, parents, administrators, teachers, and children attempting to deal with a dramatically changing educational environment.

The Starpoint School District’s possible future can be seen in neighboring districts where, teacher layoffs, larger classes, limited class offerings, eliminating sports teams and yes even eliminating kindergarten has been threatened or become reality. The Board of Education must find ways to maintain the current strength of the Starpoint School District while maintaining a tax rate that is tolerable to the citizens

Voters need to know I will use my education and experience to work for what is closest to their hearts, their children and what they need protected in their wallets, their money.