The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


I am running for the school board because the education of our youth is very important to me. As a father, grandfather and product of the Tonawanda City schools I want the opportunity to use my skills and experience in finance and business for the benefit of our community.

My Bachelor’s degree in Business and my Masters degree in Organizational Development led to a job with the Federal Government. As senior budget analyst in the Department of Public Health, I was responsible for developing and executing budgets in excess of $200 million while acting as a fiscal watchdog for the taxpayers. Included in my job responsibilities was the development of programs to deliver those budgeted services. In short, I had to deliver what I said I would – at the cost I had determined! I believe that this experience would be valuable in today’s’ economic climate.

After many years with the government, I became self-employed running a business with employees. I experienced labor issues; rising costs; meeting payroll and satisfying customer needs while keeping prices competitive. Problem solving and being a team player were invaluable skills as a business owner. I believe in working together to benefit the community. I want the opportunity to work as a member of the school board to ensure quality education for our children and grandchildren.

The complex issues we face today require a board member with extensive experience. I have that experience – in finance, contracts, government and business. We need to make our students career and college ready while safeguarding the wallets of our taxpayers. I look forward to being a board member using my experience for the good of our city.