The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


I am an accomplished resident within the Hamburg community and southtowns as professional and many volunteer experiences. From organizing baseball tourneys in Boston to flag football in Hamburg village, people, parents know I am a CAN-DO person stopping at nothing to get goals accomplished with the cooperation of constituents.

Four flashpoints to focus on in my tenure w/ board are:

1) Scrutinizing and monitoring capital improvement requests from all schools.

Too many projects to expand, remodel or modify are more motives for embellishments rather than what is necessary. As a result, more curriculum cutbacks or entire loss of academic programs.

2) Establish viable after school and extracurricular programs in elementary and middle school. Place heavy emphasis on parent, professional and community involvement offsetting loss of teacher funding for all programs slashed year after year.

3) Student empowerment. I will focus on implementing ideas stressing need for students to get more involved in life experiences, volunteering, mentoring, altruism and continued strength in fund raising partnering with city schools.

We will also take strong look and debate about in-school gun control and conflict resolution programs within student body of middle and high school.

We spend far too much time in state testing and grade points than life prep and procuring careers.

4) Teacher evaluations. Working w/ the board, school administrators, I will make it top priority to give unbiased, truthful and constructive evaluations. These have been contentious past years. If it means an independent evaluation system apart from the district I will help in implementation.

Curbing tax hikes and the levy system of expenditure.

For past six years, Hamburg has issued and voted for 2% tax increases. This year we may jump to 5% even in the midst of student population decrease the past seven years.

Lastly, teacher pension plans, insurance copays and duplicity in administrative duties.

We need to stop ignoring too much administrative oversight and the cost of its leaders’ salaries--namely superintendents.

Money in this town is far better spent in residents pockets not allowing the BOE to decide where to spend.