The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


Dr. Joan Calkins is a pediatrician in Hamburg. She grew up in Hamburg and attended the Hamburg schools as did her eight brothers and sisters. A single parent, Joan raised her five children in Hamburg. Four are now Hamburg graduates; one presently attends the Hamburg Middle School

Dr. Calkins has been on the Hamburg School Board for four years. Three of those years she has been president. While on the board, Dr. Calkins assisted the district to get out of the red and into the black. She is proud that Hamburg’s graduation rate has increased by almost 8% and the dropout rate has gone down by almost 2%. There has been an increase in the achievement of advanced and Regents diplomas by more than 7%. We have decreased spending on administration by 3%. Hamburg has been able to continue all of its excellent programs for the students while, at the same time, right sizing. Dr. Calkins worked closely with the Hamburg Teachers Association to develop Hamburg’s APPR which passed resoundingly. Additionally Dr. Calkins helped bring in two new elementary school principals who are doing a great job!

If reelected Dr. Calkins is determined to continue to support the educational program at Hamburg. A top goal is to push for more help for the teachers with the curriculum. She will work toward Mandate Relief from the State. Dr. Calkins is also very concerned about school safety. She is pro-student, pro-teacher, pro-taxpayer.