The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


I have recognized the monumental task facing the Barker Central School system now and into the foreseeable future with the declining tax obligation of AES. So much so that the Quebec-New York Power Initiative, now banging its way through State Congress and committees threatens its very existence. The challenge ahead demands that the Board and school executives closely examine the budgets submitted to avoid overwhelming consequences to citizens of our Town composed in great part of lower and fixed income families. Our school has taken a huge population decrease over the past few years and it is my feeling that the budgetary needs have to be brought more in line with population and necessary expenditures to more properly represent a system of our size. Whatever solutions are presented, I feel that mine is a voice needed to represent the income cross-section of our area. My only agenda is to leave no rock unturned to accomplish this task.