The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


As a B. O. E. member for the past 16 years, many gratifying experiences and accomplishments have been achieved as well as monumental challenges. My involvement with the building of three schools, Niagara Falls High, Cataract Elementary, and Niagara Street makes me feel good knowing that the best that we as a board of education can deliver to the students and community has been provided.

Budget struggles are always before our district being one of the most challenged in the state be-cause of poverty and lack of a strong tax base. For the past 19 years the Niagara Falls B. O. E. managed not to increase taxes and made adjustments throughout the district to make cuts where we could and in doing so, have the least impact on the classroom.

My desire is to see a greater number of students graduate, serving all students regardless of their challenges. We have good schools in Niagara Falls, safe schools in Niagara Falls and good staff who are concerned for the well being of our students.

I am very pleased to have served the Niagara Falls City School District for the past 16 years, and ask that the citizens of the city of Niagara Falls to allow me the opportunity to continue to serve them for the next five years.

I have offered and served with integrity, trust, honesty, and genuine concern for our students, teachers, support staff, administrators and the people as a whole in the city of Niagara Falls.