The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


I have been living in Starpoint for the past five years with my family. My two children have received an excellent education thus far and I truly believe Starpoint is one of the premier districts in WNY. In addition to having experienced truly great teachers, I’ve also been impressed by the collective energy put forth to organize the Halloween parades, spaghetti dinners, school plays, teacher Olympics, Field Days and a host of other extracurricular activities. These events are some of our most treasured memories and make my wife and I feel like a real part of the Starpoint educational community.

In that vein, I think voters should know that I put a high value on the breadth and depth of educational opportunities available to students. My work on the school board would reflect that. I value special area subjects, extracurricular activities, and expanded learning opportunities and will work to maintain those programs. In addition, I believe it is equally important to maintain the existing framework of classroom-based supports. As a board member, I’d certainly be reluctant to vote to approve a budget that would result in fewer learning opportunities or increased class size.

If elected, I also look forward to taking an active role in working with other board members and stakeholders to develop policies focused on what is best for students. I do believe a balance needs to be struck between the board and administration to proactively develop policies; but also be responsive, open and available to hear concerns brought forth by members of our community. As a member of the Board of Education, voters can expect me to strive to achieve that balance with the expectation that I will make myself available to hear their concerns. Voters will find my name in the sixth position on the ballot.