The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


It is both an honor and a privilege to serve on the Eden School Board. There is much to learn as a new school board member. These past three years have provided the training and experience needed to become a seasoned board member. Last year I was appointed to serve as Board Vice President.

As a school board, we have improved the quality and frequency of communications with our community. I have leveraged my experience in marketing communications in the areas of public relations, policy management, surveys, reports and more. We have made progress in this area.

In addition, we have set some measureable goals regarding student achievement. We have hired new Superintendent who will use her successes in other districts to help us reach those goals at Eden. I am confident that we are poised to take our district to the next level of performance.

We face the same financial challenges as most districts. Together we have found ways to control spending and tax responsibly. My budget management experience has helped us improve the district’s financial accountability.

As the mother of two children attending Eden Schools, I have a stake in its success. I want our children to have a comprehensive education that prepares them for life and challenges them to be their best.

I have applied my skills in business and communications at Eden and I am eager to continue this work. There is much to do. As state aid continues to drop and costs rise, we need to find new revenue sources. Through the establishment of an educational foundation and competitive grant application, we must establish alternative sources of revenue. We must find novel ways to operate more efficiently. And, despite these challenges, we must continue to provide a quality education for our children. They are depending on us.