The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


I am looking forward to serving my community once again for a third term so that I may continue our forward progress within the District and complete our next $15.9 million Capital Project and the sale of Terrace Building just to name a few. My 14 years of experience in problem solving while working in the Banking Industry along with my current job as a teacher to three year old children at Dartwood Park Community Center allow me to be a very effective Board member.

I pride myself as a “team player” working well with people and bridging differences between members to reach the best possible decision or solutions to the various issues that we have faced together as a Board.

I serve on the Policy Sub-Committee for the Board of Education. I assisted in developing and revising all of the policies, which were not revised prior to 1998.

During my second term, the District was in the midst of a Superintendent search and after countless hours of reviewing resumes, conducting many interviews and meetings, we successfully hired Jeffrey Rabey as our current Superintendent.

As a Alumni, (class of 1981 nee Nancy Farrell) I was honored to serve on the Alumni Wall of Fame Committee, which developed and implemented a new Wall of Fame and inducted it’s first members at a ceremony held this past fall of 2012 .

Adopted six successful school budget plans that demonstrated both present and future fiscal responsibility and at the same time maintain and enhanced the educational programming for the children of our school-community.

If you are seeking a person who is ethical, honest and will make decisions solely on what is in the best interest of our students and our community, then I respectfully ask for your vote so that we may continue the positive improvements we have been able to achieve. Please vote for “Mrs. Nancy” Fumerelle 4A.