The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


I am a lifelong resident and was also educated in the Village of Depew. I reside with my husband Scott and two children, Zoe and Jacob. As a family, we are parishioners of Annunciation Church in Elma. I am the Sr. Project Contract Administrator for Iroquois Bar Corporation and oversee the daily construction budgets and operations since 2006.

I thought I’d share some thoughts on what influences me to run for trustee.

• The strongest influence on my decision to run for this office is my belief that one should be of service to the community in which one lives. I think everyone, to some degree, has a responsibility to share their time and talents for the greater good.

• I believe the school board membership needs to be diverse and reflective of the community it serves. Having representation from diverse groups in the community is important to ensure that many voices are heard and that all options may be considered in decision making.

• The group that I’d like to represent would be those who are parents with school aged children. My personal experience gives me some insight on the needs and concerns of constituents of that group.

• I have the desire to encourage a more transparent decision making process. To me, ‘context’ is everything. I believe, that in my ideal decision making process, all of the context surrounding a decision needs to be disclosed. To make decisions at a School Board level, without knowing the history of a topic, or the data surrounding the decision to be made, or how it would effect future operations, is a decision making process that’s destined to produce poor results.

• Finally, as a parent candidate, I want to make sure that voters know, that I’m of the belief that all involved need to be heard, and that that includes not only parents, but teachers, aides and administrators as well. I feel that the best results in education will be achieved if we’re able to listen more before we speak and to politely consider what others who are involved have to say..

• I hold true that the ultimate goal, as residents of this district, is to provide the children of our school with the widest variety of quality educational opportunities that’s fiscally prudent to offer. The former statement, in total, is what I believe to be the primary function of the Board of Trustees.