The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


The Depew schools are a vital cog in the community and possess top flight teachers, administrators and support staff. The District has continued to move forward due to the hard work and experience of the current Board of Trustees and Superintendent Rabey and his staff. I have been pleased with the increased vigilance and oversight shown by both the board and administration as well as with the strong efforts to maintain budgetary restraint while maintaining the critical school functions that we prize in our schools. Because of this I believe the district is well positioned to move forward in these uncertain times. Unfortunately, the board suffered a large loss when long-time trustee Diane Benczkwoski announced she would not seek re-election, she will be missed. Experience and passion are not idly replaced and Diane brought those to the table every single day. I believe that with my previous board experience and my proven track record of community work that I am the best candidate to replace this loss of experience and passion. I work hard at everything I do and produce consistent results. I value my constituents and the stakeholders and their important role in the District’s success. I will not promise you that there will not be any tax increases during my term; anyone who promises that is either being intellectually dishonest or is extremely naive. I am neither. What I do promise is that I will ensure that you receive the best bang for your tax dollar and that that those dollars will be spent appropriately to produce the most well rounded, life-ready students the Depew schools can produce. Let’s keep the Depew schools moving forward. Thank you for your consideration on election night.