The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


I am proud of the quality programs and thoughtful leadership KenTon has provided our students, our families, and our taxpayers for decades. My experience can help maintain that exceptional tradition in the face of tough problems.

We have to steer through unfunded, bureaucratic state mandates. Population trends make us re-think how to use our buildings and staff intelligently. The recent economy and Albany’s responses put “the squeeze” on finances. KenTon has already been innovative in cost-cutting while still preserving high quality academics and student activities. My priority is to protect and promote that quality. We know that will not be easy. Resources have limits, choices have to be weighed, decisions made.

I feel I am a worthwhile candidate for coping with these issues. I graduated from Kenmore East ('63). My wife and I raised our family here, our son graduating from Kenmore West in '91 and our daughter in '94.

While teaching social studies for over thirty years at K-East, Hoover Middle, and K-West, I enjoyed working with thousands of our community’s kids. However, my experience as the founding chairman of KenTon’s Staff Development Center and as a mentor for dozens of new teachers, taught me much about how policy decisions impact the reality of the classroom. Also, twenty years experience as a national instructor in advanced teaching techniques for the American Federation of Teachers, working with educators from all over the US, gave me insight into other district’s operations. Comparing experiences with them, I appreciate KenTon’s special track record of responsible cooperation to solve problems.

I want to help continue that tradition for our taxpayers, our families and our kids. We all know there is no magic involved in handling the challenges we face, just work. I ask for your support in this work. Thank you.