The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


I am running as a candidate to represent all stakeholders in the Clarence school district. As a concerned parent who wants the best possible education for our children and also as a concerned taxpayer who expects fiscal responsibility, I believe that both interests must be served.

If elected, I pledge that I will only support budgets that are at or below the tax cap. I feel we should expect the same fiscal responsibility from our schools that each of us has to exercise in our own lives; that is, we must live within our means. I understand that simply raising taxes and spending more money does not necessarily mean better education. I believe that we must be more creative in how we deal with the budgetary challenges of today in order to maintain the long term quality of Clarence education.

The current problems we face in the district are of an economic nature. We need board members with real world experience in managing budgets and in balancing the difficult decisions which have to be made. As a manager and board member in my family business for the past 14 years and now also as the President of a new manufacturing facility, I have that experience. Combined with my educational background (undergraduate engineering degree and Cornell MBA), I have the ability to be analytical in decision making with an open mind to creative solutions.

As a Clarence High School graduate, I can appreciate the pride we all feel for our schools. I would never compromise the integrity of a Clarence education. In fact, having five children to go through Clarence schools, I have a substantial vested interest in maintaining their quality. And that is what I promise to do. Not just for next year but for the many years to come.