The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


I feel it is important to the success of the school district and the surrounding community to have kids involved in school activities. As times change, financial challenges threaten to limit the opportunities offered to today’s students. My main objective is to bring positive reinforcement to the district, striving to give students opportunities to pursue their interests, which will in turn, better prepare them to continue their education and become productive members of society. I’m willing to work hard, and I’m not afraid to stand up for what is right.

While my experience has been primarily through sports, my support is not limited to student athletes. I am passionate about kids and believe each one of them is gifted. They need opportunities and they need to know people support them. The school board should encourage participation in school activities, not threaten their involvement.

I have strong management skills and am confident I can offer a new perspective that will benefit the students and residents of the Roy-Hart School District.