The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


Education Philosophy

I am seeking re-election to ensure that my children and all the other children in the district receive the quality education that I believe provides the foundation for a successful and fulfilling future. My time attending Eden schools, participating in clubs, sports and the school musical has been fundamental in preparing me for my life and career.

• Education should be a balance that allows for the development of students through not only academics but also through other important influences such as athletics, the arts, clubs and extracurricular activities.

• Education should provide an opportunity for each child to reach their greatest potential whether addressing the needs of the developmentally challenged or stimulating those already academically excelling to reach even greater heights.

• Education must be delivered in a way that balances the needs of students while effectively dealing with limited resources. The delivery of that education should be guided by open communication with the community.

School Board Accomplishments

• Developed new procedures to make Board operations more transparent than they have ever been; online video of all meetings, online posting of all meeting materials, public viewing of meeting agendas, public budget forum.

• While preserving programs, kept tax levy increase at 2% or less over the last three years, down from ten straight years of 5% or greater increases.

• Changed District leadership, hiring new Superintendent and Finance Director.

• Established first ever performance based District goals.

Background and Qualifications

• MBA with concentrations in operations and accounting, Carnegie Mellon University

• Bachelors in Nuclear Engineering with honors, University of Tennessee

• Certified Financial Planner

• 22 years’ experience in helping large, complex organizations make change

• Facilitating solutions with all levels of companies including CEOs and Boards

• Analyzing businesses for strategic & operational improvement opportunities

• Training organizations on leadership development

• Expert on change management