The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


When first elected to the Board I wanted to give back to a community that was good to me. Now that I have been in this position for some time I see there is much more than that. Today we face many hurdles in educating our youth. The economic impact on school districts has been devastating. To give our students the quality education they need to prepare for the future is my present and future goal. I feel my experience on the Board has given me the knowledge to move forward using a historical background as a road map. We, like other districts have had to make decisions that were hard choices and sometimes not very popular. Cutting staff, realigning schools or closing buildings, while maintaining program has become a way of life in education. In Wilson’s case closing a neighborhood elementary school was an issue that took center stage for some time. I feel these schools play an important part educating our students by the tremendous support of the community around them. The inclusion of parents in the educational process is so needed I feel doing anything to jeopardize this would have a negative effect on our children.

As I stated before my goal is to give our students a quality education. In the future I will continue to lobby the state leaders to give us the fair and equitable aid and the mandate relief much needed to let the students in Western New York compete with rest of the state. I would like to initiate new programs while maintaining the present ones that have worked so well. We are WCS ( Where Children Succeed ) and I will support this as long as I am on the Board.