The Buffalo News invited school board candidates to provide a statement about why they are running for office.


I was born, raised and attended K-12 in the Amherst Central School District and currently reside on Hancock Terrace in Snyder with my wife Dawn. I have lived in the district my entire life of 40+ years.

I grew up in a family where much of the focus was on education. Early into my educational career, I strived towards two dreams. First was to become a teacher, the other was to own my own business. I am proud to have received my teaching degree from West Virginia University and to own a business here in Snyder.

I never found an opportunity to pursue my Physical Education Teaching degree. It was difficult to find a job without leaving the area and I didn’t wish to leave my family. While waiting for the right job offer, I started my own entertainment company and today Easton Entertainment is over 12 years old.

I feel there could be an improvement in the relationship between all Amherst Schools and the community that surrounds them. This is the main reason I wanted to run for School Board. I feel that having a lifelong resident who attented these schools could help bridge the gap and bring the schools and community closer together.