Neighbors know Fabiano as humble, generous man

An article in the May 5 News devoted several columns to salacious details of allegations about Dr. Jude Fabiano’s behavior at an alcohol-fueled party, and a little on the legal nightmare Fabiano has endured. But why doesn’t The News include some of the thousand positive things about the man?

It may be, as the Hon. Sam Maislin says, that sometimes good people make mistakes. Whatever his accuser and the courts say, Fabiano is one such good person. Before his unjust termination from the University at Buffalo, he was a respected teacher and mentor, and his students loved and respected him.

He is a highly skilled dental practitioner, with genuine humanitarian motives. For several years he solicited donations of supplies and equipment for trips with dental students to provide free dental clinics in poverty-stricken rural areas in the Dominican Republic and various Central American countries. His neighbors know him as a friendly, humble and generous man. The News’ one-sided story paints a very unfair picture.

Marie and Phil Stevens

and 10 other neighbors