Don’t ask taxpayers to save Holy Angels

Holy Angels Academy may close - just like Bishop Ryan and Bishop Turner and Archbishop Colton did many years ago. This is an unfortunate state of affairs, but it is not the taxpayers’ responsibility to bail out this privately run, privately financed, highly exclusive institution – as one writer recently suggested.

Yes, I’m sure that the students at Holy Angels are receiving an excellent education, but does anyone think for a moment that the same teaching staff armed with the same curricula could walk into a Buffalo public school – with its incredibly high poverty rate and high percentages of special-needs and English-language learners – and get the same results?

Holy Angels, like all private schools, points to its selectivity as a matter of pride. Students there rub shoulders with the brightest and the best. Good for them. However, when this model of exclusivity fails, do not come running to the taxpayer for assistance.

David A. Gorlewski