Obama isn’t a coward for moving cautiously

A recent letter claims that President Obama is a “coward” for not acting on suffering in Syria. Does that make President George W. Bush a hero for declaring war on Iraq for possessing weapons of mass destruction it didn’t have?

The rush to judgment cost approximately 5,000 American soldiers killed and more than 30,000 injuries of the sort that make life difficult or impossible.

The proof is that 22 ex-servicemen commit suicide every day. We are so proud of our military, it takes a year and a half for an injury claim to be processed.

Just think of the trillions of dollars wasted in wars like Vietnam and Iraq invested in peacetime efforts in the United States. We could control the world industrially instead of trying to take it militarily one war at a time.

Obama knows if we don’t build a strong nation first, we won’t be able to help anybody, even ourselves.

Richard Czarnecki