Olabisi Are, 21, graduates from the University at Buffalo this weekend with a bachelor’s in political science and international business.

During her four years at UB, the Brooklyn native also learned a lot about food. She weighed 200 pounds in her junior year – and has lost 35 pounds since.

What were your favorite foods before you changed your diet?

Rice, potatoes, bread, bagels, pasta. I ate a lot of meat. I ate out with my friends every weekend. I loved eating out.

What are your favorite foods now?

When I started my weight loss routine, I cut out rice and bread, anything white. I eat a lot of salmon and shrimp, sweet potatoes. Oatmeal for breakfast in the morning, egg whites. I eat a lot of bananas and fruits, mangoes, oranges and a lot of avocados, too, at nighttime. And I eat a lot of vegetables. I always eat broccoli with everything I cook. I eat a lot of greens. I never used to eat healthy.

What do you generally drink?

Only water. And if I feel like I need caffeine, I drink green tea with no sugar in it.

Any foods now you still can’t resist?

Rice, but I only eat it once a week and when I do eat it, I eat brown rice and only just a small portion of it.

– Scott Scanlon