Moving toll barrier east will create problems there

The May 5 News editorial in support of moving the Williamsville toll barrier out to the eastern neighboring communities is extremely ill-advised. It gives the impression that the well-being of the people of Clarence, Lancaster, Pendleton, and other towns is less important than that of the residents of Williamsville and Amherst.

Amherst wants to move the toll barrier because of the noise, pollution, traffic backups, exhaust fumes, etc., that residents have been subjected to and complained about for years. There have been many articles in the media about their desire to move the toll barrier to the east.

Surely The News is aware of these problems. Surely The News staff knows that the residents of Clarence, Lancaster, Pembroke and other towns would be subjected to the same problems.

Even if new high-speed lanes come into being, cars without E-ZPass will still have to stop and idle, and trucks will still be downshifting and idling. It is important to also note that an entrance/exit ramp onto the Thruway is not included in the Thruway Authority’s relocation plan.

Certainly it is right to call for the elimination of the barrier, but why push it down the road to others?

Amherst wants to rid itself of the toll barrier because of noise, pollution, traffic and other quality-of-life issues. To suggest dumping it on the residents of Clarence, Pembroke, Lancaster, etc., so that Amherst can be free of it is insulting and unconscionable.

Gayle J. Davis