We are all to blame for country’s decline

I find it disheartening that our beloved country has become a shadow of its former greatness. We (and I include myself in this) have sat back and let an imperfect yet wonderful place to live and grow become so much less than we were given by previous generations.

I am proud to go to our Memorial Day parades and see those men and women of “the Greatest Generation,” but also ashamed that all of the blood and tears that they and others shed have not given us a desire to grow in goodness and kindness.

We have aborted an entire generation; allowed the ACLU to help destroy nearly all vestiges of God in our schools and public square; stood by while the perversity in magazines, movies, television and video games has so anesthetized us that we have become immune to the evil around us.

It amazes me how we have so altered what once was considered good: church, home, family, life, God, chastity, obedience and charity into “outdated” moral values with little place in today’s world. Then we have the audacity to export these values to other countries because we are superior. We glorify evil, and then are upset when it manifests itself; we allow our leaders to continue to drive us away from the traditions that once made us great, into a dark, ungodly abyss, with few remnants of the joy and love that made us unique in our world’s history.

The truth is that we have no one but ourselves to blame. We have allowed it to happen. To paraphrase Walt Kelly, “we have seen the enemy and it is us.”

Richard Hahn