Metro Rail should stop giving people free ride

Today, I used the subway to go to Fountain Plaza because I find this cheaper than driving, paying to park and then walking a couple of blocks. I paid for my ticket as I always do, put it in my pocket and forgot about it because no one has ever asked to see it again.

I use the subway for baseball games (get $2 off), all shows and a lot of restaurants. This is a quick, easy way to get downtown yet it loses money, lots of money. Why? There are enough riders. We were packed today; there was not even standing room. But how many people paid? I get laughed at when I tell others that I buy tickets to ride. Everyone knows that there is no checking once you go down the escalator.

If you knew that you could just walk into Yankee Stadium or any movie theater without paying, wouldn’t even an honest person eventually stop paying? People pay to ride the subway in Toronto and New York City; why not in Buffalo? Make everyone pay and help the taxpayers.

Gloria Lariccia

Niagara Falls