Consider victim’s family before publishing photos

I was very upset by the photo that The News published in the May 4 paper. It showed the accident scene that resulted in the death of a young motorcyclist, who also happened to be a police officer. In looking at it, I was immediately sickened by seeing pictured on the pavement strewn sneakers, clothing and the misshapen helmet of the victim. All I could think of is the poor mother of this young man. How awful it will be for her to see that plastered on the front page! Those are her son’s shoes. His head was in that broken and bent helmet.

As the mother of a daughter who died suddenly in a work-related accident, I know firsthand the shock and horror the death of a child causes to parents and family members. The pain is life-altering and healing is a long time coming. Their lives are changed forever. To print a picture that would add to that pain is not only insensitive, it is unconscionable.

The News owes that family not only its deepest condolences, but an apology. Sensitivity should always triumph over sensationalism in journalism.

Sylvia Kratzke