State should retire, not expand, sales tax

In a May 2 editorial, The News agreed that “closing the unfair loophole for e-commerce will level the playing field for retailers.” The so-called Marketplace Fairness Act would force online shoppers to pay the sales taxes already paid by customers who buy from retailers who sell directly from their physical stores.

The News overlooked a nicer solution to this problem. The sales tax is unfair in that it takes away a greater portion of the buying power of low-income people than it does of wealthy people. The fair and considerate way of eliminating the loophole and rugged playing field is to retire the sales tax!

The absence of the sales tax faucet flowing treasure to a bloated government may persuade our public servants to consider restraint in spending and borrowing. Also, the absence of a sales tax will encourage more purchases by more customers and will charge up the economy to provide more income tax money for Uncle Sam and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Emil Geering

Grand Island