Why can’t pharmacies collect unused drugs?

New York State presently has numerous regulations; many make sense and many do not. Close to the top of the list for defying common sense is the one that does not permit a person to turn in drugs to pharmacies and hospitals whenever one wants to.

Recently a day was scheduled to permit this returning, but I was out of town. Do I have to wait another year? What could possibly be a legitimate reason for not permitting it at anytime? There would be no monetary hardship created for pharmacies. They presently use sale advertisements to attract customers. This drug return feature would be another lure.

Of course, we must not forget our politicians in Albany, who by having to consider this change would have yet another proposal they would be unable to make a decision on.

While I am on my soapbox I’ll pose the question: Why do people continue to buy bottled water, arguably the most shamefully overpriced and ridiculous item on the market today? Finally, let’s shut down all drive-through windows. They are an unbelievable waste of fuel.

Jack Hailand

City of Tonawanda