In its 20th year, Left Bank (511 Rhode Island St.) has maintained its reputation as one of the city’s most-loved restaurants for more than a decade.

Part of its attraction is the menu drawn from a broad range of cuisines, including Asian flavors, especially celebrated on Wednesday nights, when Left Bank offers a menu with an emphasis on Thai and Vietnamese dishes.

One of the restaurant’s longest-running dishes made its way over to the regular menu from Asian night roughly 15 years ago. The Tilapia Stack ($11) is a vertical playground of textures and flavors that makes a napoleon of crispy fried wonton wrappers, sautéed Asian vegetables like baby bok choy and bean sprouts, and baked tilapia filets. The whole structure is dressed with a warm Asian vinaigrette that brings garlic, ginger and sesame oil to the party.

Then-chef Mark Weatherbee created the dish, originally designed for sea bass, said manager Mailien Chichester. It was originally created with sea bass, she said, but when that species was put on a protected species list, the chef switched it for tilapia, a fish that’s considered sustainable.

Diners who are looking for the same can still get their yen met, at the hands of current chef Zack Gehring. “When we wanted to change our menu, we put the big seller on Asian evenings onto our regular menu,” Chichester said. “It was the summertime, and we were looking for something light and fresh.” Some things never change.

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