The father and son Car Show Committee chairmen, Carl Drechsel III and Jr., went before the Marilla Town Board on Tuesday to present proof of insurance as required by the new permit process approved by the board this year for events that are not town sponsored.

Although the insurance was not presented within the 90 days the permit required, board members decided that they needed to give people some slack this year.

Supervisor George Gertz said the committee is running the car show for the first time, as the previous car show group moved on to Alden. He said the Boy Scouts Chicken Barbecue and the Marilla Fire Company Benevolent Society permit for their parade during June Carnival met their deadlines.

He said he understood why after the Drechsels told him they would have to pay for the insurance for the entire 90 days before the event scheduled for July 27.

Gertz said the town doesn’t require certificates of insurance from vendors, but he told the Drechsels that it was in their best interest to so. “It is a level of protection you may want to have,” he said.

The town will put out reverse red phone calls to tell residents about the car show July 27. Gertz suggested the car show committee print up a letter and go door to door along Two Rod Road as a courtesy to remind residents and businesses the road will be blocked off on the car show date.

The show will be staffed from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from a mobile home command post. Portable radios will be provided for the deputies and committee heads, three lighted signs will alert drivers of event up ahead, and orange traffic cones and barriers will be placed at the intersections. The firefighters will oversee first aid. The Highway Department will oversee trash collection.

Carl Drechsel said the first 150 cars that are premium preregistered will be guaranteed a spot whenever they get to the show. Regular registration is $15.

In other business, Jeff and Sara Mochrie, homeowners on West Avenue next to the town’s gazebo, voiced concerns about the Town’s plans to purchase a house behind Town Hall next to theirs. The couple were worried about increased traffic and asked whether the town would put up a buffer with trees or shrubs between the houses.

Gertz told them: “This is all negotiable, and we just wouldn’t put up just anything. The parking would be around 10 spaces and be for the use of the Historical Society and town employees that work at night but this is a year away.”

In other issues:

• The town will seek specifications for a new community events sign to be in front of the community center at 1810 Two Rod Road, to be approved at the May Board meeting.

• Will get literature from Elma regarding a new time clock that uses a finger technology to identify the employees. The clock will be for all full time town hall and highway hourly employees.