Thomas Maggio, 48, an Amherst electrician, was awarded $1.97 million by a State Supreme Court jury following a five-day workplace negligence trial before Justice Patrick M. NeMoyer, court officials announced Wednesday.

Maggio suffered severe foot and lower back injuries when the floor he was working on at a business construction site at 4703 Transit Road in Depew collapsed and he fell 12 feet about 11 a.m. July 17, 2009.

Marc C. Panepinto and Michael V. Booth, Maggio’s attorneys from the Buffalo law firm of Cantor, Dolce & Panepinto said the case was against the firm of 4703 Transit Road Realty. As a result of the workplace injuries, Maggio can not return to construction work and is limited to sedentary jobs, his attorneys said. He also faces additional surgery, they added.