Help out private schools before they all disappear

I am writing this as a sad, concerned parent of a Holy Angels Academy junior. We are still in shock over the closing of this amazing school/community. This school has been a second home to my daughter – helping her, encouraging her, educating her and at times disciplining her.

All of the parents have made sacrifices to pay the $9,000-plus tuition, but the results are well worth it. Can we say the same for the Buffalo Public Schools? How much do we spend on a per-student basis and what do we get in return? A 50 percent graduation rate? Poorly disciplined students?

If private/Catholic schools’ current financial dilemma doesn’t scream for a voucher system, I don’t know what does. I have sacrificed to send my daughter to private school since she was in first grade. I will remain a loyal City of Buffalo resident. I chose this education instead of the poor-performing public schools. With the closure of Holy Angels, what are the options? Why keep spending gross amounts of money on the public schools when these private schools outperform them time and time again with a fraction of the money?

Please help these private schools continue to do what they do best – educate and prepare our children for their future; our future. Spend some tax dollars on private/parochial schools before they are all gone.

Frances M. Hulcoop