Holy Angels alumnae embrace school’s spirit

I’m sad. Holy Angels Academy is closing its doors. The news came to me via email, but quickly underwent the firestorm of social media. I can’t seem to focus on work, but one of the many lessons I learned at HAA was to grapple, not gravel, with an issue.

I loved my angel experience. I acquired leadership skills, experienced sisterhood and found faith. Teachers instilled values, cultivated confidence and encouraged excellence. I entered a shy teenager, unsure of myself, and I left an equipped, empowered and enlightened young woman.

The Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart left their mark on me, and made me recognize the purpose and power of community service. If ever there were a ministry that embraced and expressed charity in all of its acts, it’s the Grey Nuns. The humility in their efforts is palpable, and I’m thankful for their example.

In my saddest hour as an angel, which this surely is, I still find peace in the magical memories and treasured traditions that I experienced.

Holy Angels has been a maker and molder of young women since 1861. As of June, the institution will be no more. Holy Angels, however, has a living history, as thousands of alumnae continue to embrace the spirit of the school and recount the lessons learned.

In addition, there’s a vibrant, talented and tenacious group of girls who make up the current student body. My heart aches for their loss, but I am confident their wings will take flight as they seek out experience and adventure. Girls, our network is wide and the opportunities vast, I encourage you to let your spirits soar.

We are the girls in the gray skirts. We’re leaders, mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. While 24 Shoshone Drive was our home, we carry the hope, faith and love of HAA with us, and we’re forever angels.

Katie Kotaska Zurich

Princeton, N.J.