1. What is the number of the Congress elected in November 2012?

2. Is Bermuda one island or a group of islands?

3. What is a nosegay?

4. Who pitched the most no-hit games in his major league career?

5. By what means do poisonous snakes inject their venom?

6. In slang, what kind of person is called a “cheese”?

7. What is a farrier?

8. Are bald eagles really bald?

9. What city is capital of Paraguay?

10. Is the fruit from a blackberry tree edible?


1. 113.

2. Bermuda is a group of 360 islands, 20 of which are inhabited.

3. A bunch of flowers or small bouquet, especially for carrying in the hand.

4. Nolan Ryan, with seven no-hitters. Next is Sandy Koufax who pitched four no-hitters.

5. Through their fangs which may be hollow or grooved.

6. An important one.

7. A blacksmith, and sometimes one who treats diseases of horses.

8. No. The eagle’s white-feathered head makes it appear that way from a distance.

9. Asuncion.

10. Yes.