BTF, schools display serious lack of ethics

On April 25, The Buffalo News had a front-page article about the aggressive criminal prosecution of local businesses. Will Buffalo Public Schools and Buffalo Teachers Federation officials be next?

New York State did the right thing in voiding the memorandum of understanding between the schools and the BTF. A thorough criminal investigation should now be conducted. A best, their actions were unethical, and may be criminal.

Criminal fraudulent intent is hard to prove. Prosecutors need a badge of fraud. defines a badge of fraud as “circumstances surrounding a transaction that indicate that one party is trying to hinder or defraud another party.”

The side agreement may be the needed badge of fraud. Honest people place all of the terms in one document! Allegedly, the circumstance that led to the side agreement was a desire to have an agreement that was different than the one that was presented to the state. I believe the purpose was to defraud the state.

I find it troubling that we trust the education of our children to people who so blatantly and overtly carried out this scheme.

The Internal Revenue Service sends taxpayers to jail for hiding significant facts in a side agreement, and keeping that agreement from the IRS during an audit. It is important that our children are properly taught about fraud. School administrators and teachers must understand what fraud is and set a good example. By not demanding the recall of Philip Rumore, the teachers are showing their approval of unethical and possibly criminal practices.

The School Board should resign! Any member who refuses should be a candidate for an indictment. The same is true for the BTF president and the Council of Delegates. If sufficient evidence is uncovered, Rumore and one Buffalo Public Schools administrator or trustee should be criminally charged.

Len Almquist