Power of money is evident in Congress

The U.S. Senate recently failed to pass a bill dealing with background checks on persons who wish to purchase guns. The American people overwhelmingly favored its passage. The vote was 54-46 in favor of the bill. But because of a stalemate in the Senate due to Republican opposition to the bill, it was agreed by both political sides that 60 votes would be required for its passage instead of a majority. Most Republicans voted no and most Democrats voted yes. The National Rifle Association won again thanks to its Republican friends in the Senate. The American people lost.

Money demands attention by politicians. That’s how they get re-elected. The lobbyists in the halls of Congress represent those who have power and wealth. Politicians pay attention to these conveyers of funds for their campaigns. The average American does not donate to his representatives and therefore has only his vote to get their attention. Use your vote wisely or the lobbyists will dominate the agenda of our political leaders.

Jack Peracciny