It’s impossible to stop every sick individual

I, along with millions of Americans, have been closely following the Boston bombings hoping to find out how or why human beings can do such horrible things to other human beings. I doubt we will ever know for sure. I am in awe as to how quickly the various law enforcement agencies worked together (Congress take note!) to identify and capture the bombers. We now move into the phase of in-depth investigation.

Some critics now are being “Monday morning quarterbacks.” Our intelligence system should have done more, known more and kept closer watch on the whole Tsarnaev family. This may be true, but since we enjoy great freedoms in this country, it is possible for deranged people to commit horrible crimes before we can arrest them.

Supposedly Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a religious zealot. He seems more of a social misfit who was searching for something to make him appear important to his family and, mainly, to himself. He allegedly found his niche in terrorism and unfortunately was able, with the assistance of his brother Dzhokhar, to senselessly kill and maim innocent people.

In the past several years, we have seen horrible mass crimes committed by social misfits and mentally ill people. I think the global intelligence agencies do a very good job of intercepting terrorist plots, probably more than we know, but when it comes to predicting how or when sick people will explode for their “cause” – I’m not sure anyone can do that.

Anne Terry