Children’s Hospital is worthy of our support

The special Kids Day edition of The News was being peddled on street corners Tuesday. I handed my $1 to a nice young man. “Special Edition: Proceeds benefit Women & Children’s Hospital,” stated the paper. This is a hospital known for caring for the earliest deliveries of babies and housing a top-notch neonatal intensive care unit. The hospital specializes in treating rare diseases that are due to genetic abnormalities. This is a cause that is truly worthy of being supported.

Since the entire day’s paper was included, I flipped through the pages. There, in the Life & Arts section, was an article about Gloria Steinem and Planned Parenthood. Could there be any greater irony than to highlight a woman and an organization that condone the taking of preborn children, the same type of patients that Women & Children’s Hospital works daily to preserve, sustain and deliver?

Maureen Adolf