Deeds of Bush, Cheney will never be forgotten

The April 26 News published the letter, “We should have heeded Eisenhower’s warning.” It precisely documented something I’ve been saying all along about our costly and most deadly involvements all over the world.

Then switch to the picture of a beaming, most jovial George W. Bush at the grand opening of his presidential library, in Dallas, Texas. Bush and Dick Cheney sure are sitting pretty, what with all the billions gleaned from the massive Halliburton involvement in these Mideast wars. Since Cheney was once head of this huge conglomeration, and both men and their families are also involved in oil up to their eyeballs, it is small wonder Bush is just beaming.

Well, let Bush and Cheney explain this to the grieving and wounded forever – both parents, veterans and children of all their victims. I don’t know about the rest of you, but Bush and Cheney will forever be imbedded in this 80-year-old’s heart and mind. Forever, just like Pearl Harbor, folks. “Let’s remember!” We have more than 6,500 dead heroes, and Bush is his usual cocky self.

Shame on Bush, Cheney and all of their warmongering buddies.

Janet Nowicki