Nation must take care of veterans and seniors

It’s time for seniors and veterans to stand up and say, “Enough is enough.” Every day, I read an article in the paper about somebody wanting to cut Social Security, Medicare and veterans benefits. Are they really serious? Our retiring vets should have top-of-the-line benefits and health care. And our seniors who pay for their health care should get the same.

One program I always see getting an increase is Medicaid. We as a country and state can no longer afford these increases unless something changes. People on Medicaid should be held accountable to do something for their benefits. Pay a monthly premium, as we do on Medicare, or if physically able, do some kind of work.

In other cultures, seniors are looked upon with respect and dignity. Here in the United States, they are waiting for you to die.

While I am on my soapbox, Gov. Andrew Cuomo brags about not raising taxes, but there is a surcharge on just about everything. Is that not another tax?

Robert Knapp