Kid Cudi, the rapper, singer and songwriter known for his popular hit “Day ‘N’ Nite,” has created a very atmospheric album with his newest musical output, “Indicud,” which is a very good thing.

Unlike the artist’s previous works (“Man on the Moon” I and II) where the tempo was very moody and somewhat grim with a good edgy thrill in almost every song, “Indicud” is more upbeat and cheery but doesn’t lose that atmospheric tone of wonder that Cudi is known for.

The entire album is packed with wonderful melodies that will have you humming along as well as strong conceptual lyrics that get the idea across swiftly and neatly, complementing each beat.

“Just What I Am” featuring King Chip is a slow, upbeat song with a powerful vibrating hook that refuses to be ignored; “Immortal,” with its powerhouse bass, is honestly the most uplifting song of the entire album with its message of do your own thing and that’s your power; and my absolute favorite song has to be “Red Eye,” featuring all-girl soft rock band Haim (we don’t see too many of those anymore). The song is more of a Haim song than Cudi’s, which isn’t a bad thing. The song’s tone and sound is reminiscent of an ’80s soft rock ballad that results in an unbelievably catchy song.

“Afterwards (Bring Yo Friends)” features Michael Bolton, something I’m sure only I was excited about. The album can’t be categorized as a rap album, as many will do, but it’s a multipurpose album (sorry I made it sound like a cheap knife on a late-night infomercial). It’s got something for everyone.

So like Kid Cudi himself, who can’t be placed in the slot of a rapper when he is a creator of art, his “Indicud” is said art.

Max Fisher is a senior at Leonardo da Vinci High School.