Everyone seems obsessed with something. This is not meant as an offensive remark but a simple observation. In the school hallways, I hear kids complain about missing “The Walking Dead” because they had to work. I see kids squeeze their eyes shut, press their hands against their ears and say, “Don’t say it, don’t say it, la, la, la, I can’t hear you!” as their friends threaten to reveal Sheldon’s latest shenanigans on “The Big Bang Theory.”

But we are a technological people. We like to get our information fast, from one place in a matter of seconds without having to spend hours searching the Web for the latest “Catching Fire” casting information. (We don’t want our favorite fandoms to completely take over our lives more than they already have.)

That’s why Hypable is such an amazing website. You can create an account and personalize it so you can only see the fandoms that you like. You are a complete Potterhead but can’t understand the Twihards of the world? Fine. You can simply check a little box to get only the latest “Harry Potter” information and block all of the pesky “Twilight” info from spamming your news feed.

Hypable has everything. “Modern Family.” “The Hobbit.” “Doctor Who.” “Disney.” The list goes on and on, and it even has podcasts for many of the different fandoms. (Many an hour driving to work has been passed by listening to “MuggleCast” and “The Animation Addicts Podcast.” I think that I officially have no life.)

The best part of this website is that it is written by fans. There is no 50-something sitting behind a desk saying, “Hmm ... A lot of people are talking about this ‘Ender’s Game’ thing. Maybe I should write about that.” The latest “Ender’s Game” information is instead written by the person who has grown up reading all of Orson Scott Card’s books, has attended his writing classes in North Carolina, and has mercilessly sobbed every time the “Ender’s Game” movie has been canceled.

Hypable also has fun articles, author interviews and breaking information. (I am still heartbroken by Hypable’s announcement that there will be no “Friends” movie to be released in 2014. Some scammer who keeps saying that there will be a movie is really starting to mess with my heart.)

You can find all of this and more at

Alissa Roy is a senior at Springville-Griffith Institute.