The University at Buffalo’s media study department has churned out countless artistic talents since its founding in the early 1970s. New students who come to the department to study can feel the weight of its illustrious history, not least because it retains staffers such as the pre-eminent experimental filmmaker Tony Conrad. Even so, some students, alumni and former and current faculty feel that the connections among them could be strengthened.

They have launched a series of exhibitions designed to bring together current and former media studies students to show new work and forge new collaborations. The first of the 10-year series of shows, “Tempus Fugit” – Latin for “time flies” – opens at 7 p.m. Friday in the Hi-Temp Fabrication building (79 Perry St.). It will feature work by 25 artists, including video, film, games, robotics and performances by Sean Feiner and Devin Wilson.

In addition to its function of uniting media study’s brainy diaspora, the show will also be a chance for Buffalonians to see work by its most prominent members, including Conrad, which too often remains ensconced in an academic environment. A full list of participating artists is at The show continues through May 15. – Colin Dabkowski